Made with Beer

Bourbon Barrel Smoke Chips

From $15.00

Our friends at Untouchable Premium BBQ and Smoke Chips originally created these smoke chips out of our spent oak bourbon barrels for our deli to use in smoking meats. It has been such a success we wanted to offer it in bagged form!  Available in chips, which burn quicker and are generally better for quicker cooks, and chunks, which burn slower and are better for longer sessions (an hour or more).

Untouchable Premium BBQ and Smoke Chips Instructions: For gas or charcoal grills, place two or three handfuls of chips in reusable smoker tray, or a pouch made of heavy duty aluminum foil. Place tray or pouch on grill over hottest area until it begins to smoke.  Once chips are smoking, move to the side to make room for food.  For best results, let chips soak in water for approximately 30 minutes before use.

Product Details: Chips and Chunks made from 100% Founders Brewing Co. barrels.   Bag size 2.94 L (180 CU IN).